Thursday, 1 April 2010

Last post to this blog

The DISC-UK DataShare project ended last year, and so this marks the end of this blog. We did write up our self-evaluation for JISC, our funder, in December, which any project followers might be interested to read.

As for followup activities, there are many. Oxford is undertaking the Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research (EIDCSR), funded by JISC. Southampton also has a new JISC-funded project, Institutional Data Management Blueprint, which aims to 'to create a practical and attainable institutional framework for managing research data that facilitates ambitious national and international e-research practice.' Edinburgh produced online guidance for University staff on research data management and continues to host and develop the Edinburgh DataShare repository service developed as part of the project.

All three partners are interested in pursuing institutional policies for research data management. We'll continue to collaborate actively through DISC-UK.