Friday, 12 October 2007

My Dots for Thursday, October 11, 2007

SHERPA is investigating issues in the future of scholarly communication. It is developing open-access institutional repositories in a number of research universities to facilitate the rapid and efficient worldwide dissemination of research.

[tags: SHERPA, institutional repositories, Open Access]

University of Glasgow (DAEDALUS Project) - setting up a repository: practical advice

[tags: institutional repositories, Glasgow]

A SHERPA Institutional Repositories staff and skills requirements document

[tags: institutional repositories, SHERPA]

University of Edinburgh Open Access Guidelines for Research

[tags: Edinburgh, Open Access]

"The DCMI Scholarly Communications Community is a forum for individuals and organisations to exchange information, knowledge and general discussion on issues relating to using Dublin Core for describing research papers, scholarly texts, data objects and other resources created and used within scholarly communications. This includes providing a forum for discussion around the Eprints Application Profile, also known as the Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP) ( and for other existing and future application profiles created to describe items of scholarly communication."

[tags: metadata, institutional repositories, dublin core]

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