Friday, 26 October 2007

My Dots for Thursday, October 25, 2007

An ICPSR announcement about a new project to "investigate the extent of research data sharing in the social sciences and assess whether research data sharing is related to other aspects of the scientific process including scientific publication."

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A March 2007 announcement from ICPSR about statistical disclosure control for spatial data that is linked to records of research participants. "While the risk of compromising participant confidentiality increases with such linked data, important new research is made possible because of it. The report suggests methods that will allow this type of research to grow while protecting confidentiality." The report can be browsed, but only downloaded for payment.

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The RUBRIC Project recognises that regional and smaller universities have a need to access, manage and disseminate research information in the same way as the large established research universities but often face significant challenges in developing appropriate and sustainable infrastructure. This australian project focuses on the needs of smaller and regional universities by providing a structured framework for partner institutions to evaluate, trial and implement an Institutional Repository solution; to collaborate on the development of better processes and tools; to act collectively and to develop the expertise that will be necessary to respond to emerging needs of the Research Quality and Accessibility Frameworks across universities.

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