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My Faves for Monday, November 12, 2007

This item criticises the effort going into "shiny front-ends" for data projects, focusing on the point that "the data is primary, the interface secondary" and that raw data (ASCII, XML, SQL dumps) is the most desirable format.

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The ICPSR Official Representative (OR) meeting powerpoints from 18-20 October, 2007 are now available.Topics include:
- Managing Geographic Data: Formats, Versions, and Legal Issues
- Symposium: "The Present and Future of Federal Funding for Social Science Research"
- Thinking Big: Promoting Relationships That Promote Data
- Institutional Repositories and Data Archives: The Facts, the Fit, the Future
- Tinkering with Teaching: ICPSR Initiatives to Connect Data and Classroom
- Privacy in the Information Age
- The Politics of Political Polling - Social Science Computing and Technology on Campus
- New activities/projects at ICPSR
- Health Data: Comparative Issues
- New Frontiers in Information Retrieval and Resource Discovery
- International Data Issues: An International Perspective on Archiving and Data Sharing

ICPSR is the Inter-university consortium for political and social research,
an institutional membership-based social science data archive based at the University of Michigan.

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