Monday, 11 February 2008

DataShare face-to-face meeting

Project members from the DISC-UK DataShare met on 5 and 6 February in Edinburgh for what proved to be a productive meeting. Day one comprised of a number of talks: JISC Programme activities and evaluation (Andy McGregor); Geospatial Application Profile (James Reid); STORE/CLADDIER II (Philip Hunter); Digital Repository Requirements: tools and guidelines & DDI overview (Ann Green); IPR in Databases (Mags McGinley); Open data draft licence (Charlotte Waelde); Web 2.0 data visualisation tools (Stuart Mccdonald). Day two comprised of a number of themed discussions including: developments at each institution; repository requirement guidelines and policies; metadata and advocacy; in addition to demonstrations of institutional IRs. Day two finished with a presentation by Dr Rustam al-Shahi Salman on data sharing issues from a clinical scientitst. The slides from this meeting can now be found on DISC-UK DataShare Jiscmail (login required). The files are found in the Meetings/Face2Face directory.

Stuart Macdonald

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