Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My Faves for Monday, February 18, 2008

This article describes the work currently underway at Monash University to rethink the role of repositories in supporting data management. It first describes the context within which the work has taken place and some of the local factors that have contributed to the inception and continuation of this work. It then introduces the idea of a Data Curation Continuum and describes the various continua that might be applicable in a repository data management context. The article then discusses some of the implications of this approach, before reviewing related work.

[tags: data management, repositories, project, data curation, australia]

The aims of the Centre are to assist to improve the research performance of the University through:

improved use of ICT technologies,
improved dialogue between IT developers in the Faculty of IT and end-user researchers in the other faculties,
improved dialogue between ITS and researchers,
nurturing development of e-Research and GRID technologies,
engagement with industry and government and
engagement with national and international collaborations.

[tags: data curation, australia]

Cyberscholarship: High Performance Computing Meets Digital Libraries - by William Arms

[tags: data, libraries]

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