Thursday, 25 September 2008

My Faves for Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Open Access to and Reuse of Research Data –
The State of the Art in Finland

Finnish Social Science Data Archive 7, 2008Motivated by OECD's open access guidelines (and funded by the Ministry
of Education) the Finnish Data Archive carried out an online survey targeting professors of human sciences, social sciences and behavioural sciences in Finnish universities. The aim of this survey was to chart how the universities in Finland have organised the depositing of digital research data and to what extent the data are reused by the scientific community after the
original research has been completed.

Professors were asked, for example, whether their department had any guidelines on the preservation of digital research data. A great majority (90%) said no.

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Peter Suber said...

Hi. Do you have a better URL for the article? The one in your link doesn't work, and I couldn't find the article with a Google search.